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  • How long should I wait to paint my new house?
    Years ago it would have said wait at least 6 to 12 months for the house to settle. Nail pops were a big problem in the first year. Now the sheetrock in most newer houses are done with screws. This changes that time line, as you don't get nail pops with screws. We do a lot of houses now in most cases before the furniture and window treatments go up.
  • What type of finish should I use on my walls and trim?
    We use Semi-Gloss on all the trim, Eggshell enamel on all the walls and flat finish on all ceilings. This is just on base painting. Then when a faux is put on top we use pearl and metallic finishes as well.
  • Do I have to hire someone to caulk and paint my trim after you install it?
    Not at all. We are a full service company. We install the trim (crown, chair rail etc.) and we caulk and paint it as well. No need to hire someone else to finish the job. People love that about us. It saves you frustration, time and money.
  • Will you help me with the color selection in my house?
    Yes we will. Anyone who decides to hire us gets a free color consultation. This can also save you a lot of money and help assure you get the right colors the first time. We paint a lot of homes and know what is hot and what is not. We also see a lot of finished projects and know what colors go in your rooms and we know how to work with open landscapes.
  • Do I have to move furniture take down window treatments before you come?
    We will take care of everything for you. We have special furniture moving pads for both carpet and bare floors. We also remove any window treatment and pictures etc. When the job is complete we put everything back. The only thing we ask is if you have breakables please take them down and put them in a safe place for us before we start in that room.
  • I'm on a tight budget. Can you still work with me?
    Yes, we can design for any budget. We also offer "repeat client" and "friends and family" discount. We often provide a range of ideas with varying pricing options so that you can choose a concept that fits within your budget.
  • I see a faux finish I really like, but I want it in different colors. Is this possible?"
    Yes this is possible. The colors and faux finish combinations are limited only by our imagination and are almost limitless. From custom wall finishes to custom cabinetry, we can recreate that look in custom colors created to perfectly match your personal decor. No two faux finishes are ever exactly the same. There are always variations that make each finish unique and made just for you!
  • Why is faux finish painting more expensive than regular painting?
    Regular painting or straight painting is pretty quick and you can generally cover about 300 sq.ft per hour. You use standard paint, rollers, and painting tools to cover large areas at a time. With straight painting you pick the color and the painter shows up and starts. Speed is the name of the game. Faux finishes and decorative finishes are most often created using a combination of trowels, stencils, sponges, rags, and other tools as well as proprietary and specialty products that are not available to the general public. These tools and products are used in multiple layers of paint, plasters, stencils, or glaze on the wall to create a one of a kind specialty finish created specifically for your unique space. ​ When creating a custom wall finish there is the initial consultation, then sample(s) are created for you in the studio, before we ever start painting. There is often much more prep work required as we go or before we can even start. There is often more protective tape and coverings required, to ensure all that paint, glaze, or plaster doesn't end up somewhere it's not supposed to. There is almost always multiple layers, from one or two layers all the way up to 6-8 layers. Part of the beauty of custom painted wall and faux finishes is each paint or plaster finish is custom, hand painted, unique, and created just for you and your individual space.
  • Will you work with my interior designer?
    Yes. We regularly work with some of New Jersey's finest interior designers, contractors, and other industry partners. If you have a favorite Interior Designer we are happy to meet and consult with you both, together we are sure to create the perfect custom creation for you.
  • Once I choose my faux finish how does the process work?
    Once we consult with you to determine your needs and you decide what you like, a deposit is required to get started. You will then be presented with a sample board of the faux technique in the colors chosen. We create sample boards so you can get a good idea of how it will look on the walls before we start. Additional sample boards are charged at $50.00 each. After the desired faux finish is chosen we schedule a start date for your project to begin. Once work has started there is a charge for any changes or deviations from the original contract.
  • How much does faux finishing cost?
    The cost will depend on the size of the space, the prior condition of surface to be painted, and the complexity of your design choice. Share your budget with the designer or artist. We will offer design ideas to suit your needs. Keep in mind this is a luxury service being customized for you by a trained artist.
  • Do you travel out of town or state?
    Yes. We have worked all over New Jersey and the tri-state area. Additionally, we have traveled to and done work in Phoenix AZ, New York City, and surrounding areas.
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