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Color Consultation

Have you ever noticed how your mood is transformed when the sky is blue after a series of dull gray days? The same thing happens when you transform your walls from a color you never liked— or never noticed— to the perfect shade.

With the right color choices you will fall in love with your rooms again!
Depending on the color, you may feel energized or relaxed, but either way you’ll definitely feel inspired by a color transformation.

Are you someone who is afraid of color? Do you have a hard time picking a color? Is there a color you would really like to use but have no clue where or how to use that color in your home?
Unique Technique Painting & Faux Finishes can help.
We offer free color consultation to all of our customers. we have worked with many decorators in the years and know a lot of easy ways to pick colors.
If you are afraid of color or are having a hard time choosing a paint color it's important to realize that the colors of your walls should not be the main attraction in your room. See the paint color on the walls as a back drop for your furnishings. An easy way to pick a color is to look at your favorite picture in the room. Choose a color from that picture. You can even take that picture to a paint store to get the color matched.

If there's a color you must have but can't figure out where to use this color. Consider an accent wall. Use the color on one wall in the room. You will have your color in a tasteful manner. Unique Technique Painting & Faux Finishes will bring to you the decision-making stage and create beautiful rooms that are even more brilliant than you could have imagined.

We have built up a proven track record of satisfied clients over the years.  We handle any painting job throughout Monmouth, Middlesex & Ocean counties in the state of New Jersey. We can handle all work from small commercial painting to residential home painting.

Paint Your Room Online with  Personal Color Viewer 
Visit the Benjamin Moore paint color visualizer which will allow you to paint a room or the exterior of your home virtually and see how paint colors will look  before you pick up a paint brush. You can use it online or download it to your personal computer for FREE.

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