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FAUX Facts and Advantages

Choosing an Artist
The search to find a faux finisher can be quite daunting. You may not exactly know what finish you want, but rest assured you want an artist in your home that is reliable, one you can trust, someone who is easy and pleasant to work with and one who will listen to your ideas and give you direction without being pushy. Keep in mind that faux finishing is a profession and an art.  Pick a faux finisher that you feel comfortable with and whose portfolio speaks to you.

Choosing a Finish
This is another tricky area. Hopefully you have in mind a particular direction for your home or business. If not, absolutely not a problem! Unique Technique has a wide array of finishes available which may be perused in our gallery.  We greatly value continuing education and will always be updating our samples portfolio. Rest assured that each and every finish will be customized to make it uniquely your own and the faux design possibilities are only as limited as our imaginations.

Estimating Prices

Some say faux finishing costs the same as or somewhat less than professional wallpapering (without the hassle of stripping it later). Faux finishing is a custom created form of art, not a simple production process, so therefore will cost more than a straight one-color paint job. The complexity of the faux finish you choose will affect the price. Complexity may be comprised of materials needed (professional grade or home center variety), ceiling height, how many applications of product needed, etc. We will never give estimates over the phone; a meeting will always need to take place where the faux finish will be done. With that being said – -


Choosing Unique Technique Painting for your Faux Finish
Please schedule an appointment:  We will meet with you for up to 2 hours in your home or business to discuss a finish that reflects your needs and style. A pre-determined non-refundable consultation fee is collected that day which will be deducted from the final cost of your project.
During your initial consultation we will:


  1. Evaluate your existing color scheme.

  2. Discuss and plan your Unique finish using sample boards and a color deck.

  3. Structure a faux finish that fits within your desires and budget.

  4. A written estimate will be delivered to you, the client, in a timely manner.

  5. Once a contract is signed and a deposit received your faux finish project will be scheduled. A sample board may be made in the colors you have chosen and signed off by you. Samples will always remain the property of Unique Technique Painting. Final payment will be due upon completion of your faux finish.

Final Thoughts
Your home should be a reflection of You. Do not worry what the current fad or color scheme is. You need to be comfortable in your home - your own unique castle. For commercial finishes: The right finish can influence clients, from first impressions to their desire to return. Create spaces that will either energize or relax, depending on the nature of your business. Also, don't forget an often overlooked space, the fifth wall - your ceiling. Faux finishing has endless possibilities and we hope you will find one that's right for you.

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