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Renaissance Furniture Paints
Renaissance Furniture Paint is a chalky smooth paint that goes beyond zero VOC to offer zero emissions, making it a safer paint for your family as well as the environment. It’s an easy to apply 100% acrylic paint with excellent hide and durability. This paint is versatile enough for distressed old world as well as high gloss contemporary styles. It’s specifically designed for wood furniture and cabinets, but it is also an excellent choice for new or previously painted wallboard, plaster, interior masonry, metal or glass.  As an experienced Faux Painter, here are the key take-aways:
  • Tips, Techniques and Instructions included
  • No sanding or priming
  • Non-toxic
  • Thick, even self-leveling coverage
  • Dries in 30 minutes
  • Silky chalky finish that is smooth to the touch
  • No surface prep reqlired on a clean surface
  • Virtually no odor
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Manufactured in the USA
Renaissance Liquid Wood
Retique It is a patent pending, revolutionary new product which makes virtually any hard surface stainable without having to strip off the old finish. The surface will become like bare wood because Retique It contains real wood. When you apply Retique It to a surface you are actually applying a thin layer of wood which can be finished using any color stain.

Retique It is water-based, biodegradable, and has virtually no VOC’s, with no offensive smell and less damage to our environment.

Retique It can be applied using an inexpensive paint brush or paint sprayer by professionals and DIYer’s alike. Cleanup is as simple as using soap and water.

Retique It allows you to skip the time-consuming step of stripping the old finish. The adhesion and absorption properties are excellent, which allows your stain to absorb like it would on an unfinished wood surface. After applying Retique It, you can use any manufacturer’s stain, paint or sealant to create the look and finish you want.
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