Stunning Ceilings

If you're preparing to paint a room in your home, don't forget to look up and look at your ceiling as being the fifth wall in the space. Poor ceilings. They are often forgotten and neglected, and all the while they have so much potential. With a little creativity or perhaps just a coat of paint, ceilings can give your room that wow factor like nothing else can. 



Ceiling Medallions

There is a common opinion that ceiling medallions as well as other decorative architectural elements in the room have to be painted white. This point of view is not always correct. You should coordinate colors of the ceiling medallions and other decorative architectural embellishments with the overall color-theme of the room. 

If ceiling medallions are used in a traditional decor the details can be highlighted in a tone down paint, creating a subtle tone-on-tone effect. Very interesting affect can be achieved on the ceiling medallions that are molded in a deep relief using "dry brush" technique, when you go over base color with dry brash using a deeper color.

If you want to achieve a bolder effect you can highlight ceiling medallions design with gold, bronze, silver or brass paint. If ceiling medallion is used along with a lighting fixture the decision of the metallic paint choice should be based on the kind of finish metal part of the chandelier or other lighting fixture has. 

Faux finishing of ceiling medallions and other architectural elements now is very popular. Ceiling medallions can be faux finished using an antiquing technique, or they can be finished to look like wood, stone, leather or even fabric.






Ceiling Medallion, faux painting